Holes 1 - 6

Our putting green looks flat but has several very tricky
                                   breaks to read.

Hole #1
96 yards

If you look closely at this green you will find that it's shaped like a bell.

Hole #2 118 yards
The railroad tracks behind this green make it a must to be on target with your tee shot

Hole #3 128 yards
This raised green is the hardest to hit from the tee. It's shaped like a kidney and  has little flat green surface to land on from the tee.

Hole #4 110 yards
This is another tricky tee shot because of the railroad tracks behind the green.

Hole #6 120 yards

This hole has slope behind and to the right of the green. This green is a harder shot than it look and has the fastest putting surface on the course.

Hole #5 158 yards
This is the longest hole on the course. The tree line on the left and deep ruff on the right make it a must to hit your shot straight. Behind the green slopes toward the river.

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