Prices and More

2004 Prices

9 Holes      $ 7.50
18 Holes    $ 14.00

9 Holes        $8.00
18 Holes      $15.00

Ladies day every Wednesday
9 holes $6.00  18 holes $12.00

Senior Rates are Lower then the above list

       Nite-Glow Tournament $20.00 per Golfer
         (Price includes rental of one NiteLite
Golf ball which is returned after the Tournament)

2004 Memberships

Call the club house for membership
package prices

Nite-Glo Tournaments

Second most fun you can have in the dark

What is a Nite-Glo Tournament ????????

A Nite-Glo tournament is a two person scramble…...played in the dark

How do you play golf in the dark ????????

Minibel outfits it's course with glow features. We put glow sticks on the pins. This gives the golfer a target to aim for and know the location of the greens. On the greens a glow stick is placed inside the cup to light it for putting.
Each golfer is given a
Nitelite Golf ball to use. (This is a special glow in the dark golf ball)
Golfers are allowed to use a flash light to tee off with, to find golf clubs in there golf bags and to walk safely in the fairways. The flash light can only be used on the Tee Shot. No other shot the golfer takes is he allowed to use it. The golfer must also putt in the dark and CAN NOT use the flash light to read the greens.

Sounds like fun …………

Check the Pro Shop for upcoming tournament dates

Hold your own Nite-Glo tournament at Minibel
          Great for parties and Fund Rasing

Allow faster groups to play through.
Repair ball marks.
Do not tee off until the green is clear.
No more than four golfers to a group.
Help keep to course free of litter.
Make friends. Make your group a foursome.

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